Best Budget Upgrades

Best budget performance upgrades for Motocross

Before you go out and spend hundreds or thousands on performance upgrades for your bike like full exhaust systems, engine tuning, upgraded ignition, big bore kit etc, let’s talk through some of the cheapest and most effective upgrades for bike and rider, just because parts are expensive and offers good power increases to the bike, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most effective for you, or the best value for money.

Correct technique – FREE (Yes, really!)

Riding with the correct technique can not only make you a safer rider but also gives you the building blocks to begin to ride faster, the fastest riders in the world couldn’t ride the way they do without correct technique, even the best in the world use riding coaches to keep their technique in check.

Imoto have created a technique guide which is FREE FOREVER! This is hands down the cheapest and best way to make you a better, safer, and faster rider.

Best of all, learning how to costs £0.

You’re welcome!

Mxbuddy – Price £6.99 (Wait, what?)

Mx buddy is an app for ios which tracks lap times and other data for your riding, similar to Lit Pro but a fraction of the price,

Currently to use mx buddy you’d have to take your iphone or a Polar or Garmin watch if you have one with you or buy a £140 XGPS160 tracker to put on your helmet, but they are actively working on developing the app for apple’s iWatch too.

There is a famous quote that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” meaning that you cannot know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked.

The app stores and shows all historic data of every ride, allows you to enter the conditions and will even track maintenance scheduling for your mx bike.

Some serious bang for your buck.

See the website below for more info,


Holeshot device/start device – Approx £40

Rarely seen at local events and not always seen at national events but guaranteed to be seen on every bike at pro events.

The start is the only place on the track or in a race where you can overtake the entire field in 1 straight. What other upgrade can give you an advantage to do that for £40!?

Tyres - £80 per set

This is an obvious one, if you’re a weekend warrior just make sure you have a decent set on and change them when worn, you can’t get the power down if your bike can’t grip the dirt. If you are a more serious racer, invest in a tyre changer so you can put the right type of tyres on for the terrain you are riding on.

Gym membership - £20-40 per month

This doesn’t just help with motocross but with all over health and fitness, but as motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, not moving your body during the week then jumping on the motorcycle on the weekend is not going to get you the best results, a stronger and healthier body will also decrease your risk of injury.


Eating healthily can be more expensive than eating a poor diet but race fuel is more expensive that budget pump fuel. Again, this doesn’t just help with motocross, but I’ll leave the health and nutrition side of things to Barny in our gym section – bought to you by FIT4MOTOX.

Suspension - £180-500

Suspension is one of the most important aspects of the motorcycle, when set up correctly for your weight and ability it can allow for a smoother plusher feel which will make you less tired and conserve energy whilst riding, it’ll also help the wheel return to the ground quicker so that fresh rubber mentioned above can keep driving you forward or help you stop quicker when braking. A service will set you back around £180 and a service, revalve, new seals and set up for rider weight and ability could be up to £500.

Training day £75-150

Find a local riding coach, and book in for a training day or two. Listening, reading and watching training videos is one things and can be massively helpful but having a coach asses your technique and approach can be very worthwhile and help to keep what you’ve swatted up on in check.

Noticed how we have not even mentioned any engine parts?

Motocross bikes of today are so powerful and well made from the factory that engine parts would be the very last resort to get more out of your bike. If you are riding at below national level I would go as far as to say engine upgrades will not make a bind bit of difference to your performance other than bling in the paddock.

All of the above combined is cheaper than a full exhaust system, and we’re sure it will produce better results.

Thanks for reading