Finding that Motocross/Life balance

written by Charlie Caiger

We all know motocross is one of the most exciting sports out there to participate in or watch for entertainment. The smell, sounds, fast paced or tricking out your bike. Its a bug once you ride you can’t shake the sport off. The new kit feeling, getting your bike all tricked up, its half the fun in my opinion! Then sending it into  sand berm. Not to forget finishing the race/practice day with a pint with your best mates!

However its about getting that balance, we know how motocross isn’t a simple sport to just do! You can’t just pick up a bike and go, its not like tennis or football. Getting that bike prep done in the week, getting new tyres on, picking up oil or air filters from your local shop. Its a constant thing, we do it because we love it but sometimes it can be a real stress the night before or you notice your fork seals are leaking. Then the real headache can be the true cost of owning a Mx bike. We all prey our bike doesn’t blow up or a serious engine failure, especially with the huge rise in cost of living. A engine blow up alongside your rent or mortgage can cause serious issues. Sometimes you have to put the real life first before the bike. Its all about getting that balance, sometimes riding less in the month can help or having. Break in the winter… perhaps taking up trials to save your mx bike from the winter stress in harsh conditions. Go check our previous blog about the benefits of trials/winter riding.

Motocross can cause issues but we still go back to it, aslong as we get the balance right for ourselves or our family. Life is about doing what makes you happy, don’t get stressed about things out of your control at the races or practice days. Family and life come first, don’t get caught up on simple things. Sometimes a weekend of can be beneficial to recharge or spend time with loved ones, not have a stressful Saturday doing bike work to then have a terrible race meeting, to then go to work Monday on a negative feeling. So I try to have weekends off, unless your a pro or racing week in week out at the nationals don’t get fear of missing out affect you, just because you don’t ride one weekend doest mean your speed will go. 

In actual fact its proven to sometimes have a break from it for a weekend or so, do some fitness or another hobby. The one advantage of my 250f blowing up was the fact I’ve spent more time doing other things… also realising that I may ride a 125 next year instead to save the damage costs haha. Overall we all go back to it, its a true bug like no other sport, a pure addiction. So most of all enjoy it and don’t take it so seriously! 

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