Has Covid saved motocross?

Has Covid saved motocross?


There’s no hiding from the fact that since 2008 and the financial crisis, motocross as a sport took a considerable hit and never really recovered, with teams closing their doors, teams struggling to get or find sponsors and pro races not having full gates.

Covid hit, and most would suspect that the situation would worsen since no one could get out and ride due to lockdowns, job uncertainty and fear of the unknown; the complete reverse happened! People fell back in love with the outdoors, gardening, outdoor sports and any other thing that can be purchased to enjoy the outdoors, now you go to your local bike shop, and there’s no bikes, substantial lead times and even the 2nd hand market bikes are sparse, and the ones on there are going for crazy money! I’ve seen 2005 2 strokes fetch nearly £5k! All local repair shops for bike work also seem to be flat out quoting waiting times of up to a month to get booked in.

During the covid period, KTM instead of reigning in and battening the hatches, ready for the adverse effects of covid, experienced the same upward trend and managed to grow and expand its operations in the form of Gas Gas, bringing a brand new range of motorcycle to the motocross scene, Gas Gas the Spanish motorcycle brand which majored in trials bike and enduro-style motorcycle was purchased by the KTM group which KTM then developed a new range of Motocross and enduro bikes along with the trials bikes GAS GAS produce in Spain.

In a similar sector, mountain biking sales are also through the roof, with shops stating a year’s worth of sales in a month and 6 month lead times on new bikes because of a shortage of parts.

The average Joe is saving more as they’re unable to go out and spend on everyday activities so the positives look to have turned increased sales and revenue towards outdoor sports and activities. Fortunately, motocross being one of them, lets hope we can take some positives from covid, and if the sport of motocross is given a shot in the arm being one of them, we’ll take that.

It’d be interesting to see how the world MXGP calendar is ever evolving this year, with races and schedules constantly being moved and changed due to spikes in cases worldwide. As the MXGP calendar truly is a world series, this is impacting the movement of the series.

There is speculation that there may be a doubleheader at Mattery Basin as Britain is one of the freest in terms of lockdowns countries in Europe.

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