5 reasons why Trials is great training for Motocross

Here we break down the 5 reasons why trials is great training for motocross and why it’s a must have tool for those wanting to improve motocross skill

1.  Throttle brake and clutch control


Trials teaches much better throttle, clutch and brake control which are skills that are easily transferable to Motocross and enhance your riding on the track.

You can get away with being a bit sloppy and not that precise with your three main controls on a Motocross bike as travelling at speed covers up any imperfections of your use of them.

As trials is typically very slow moving you really notice when you’re not executing your controls properly as you’ll straight away lose your balance,

Trials in nant ucha

2. Balance

You need excellent core strength and balance to stay upright on a slow-moving machine; again transferring that to Motocross, you need good balance in ruts to maintain forward momentum and stay upright

3. Riding all year round

During the winter, it’s a chore to want to get out in the slop and carry on riding year round; not only that, but a lot of tracks close during the winter or are only intermittently open because of bad weather. As trials are typically done in the woods, it acts as a canopy, and it’s got to be really hammering down even to get wet.

As its done at slow speeds, typically, you don’t get water and mud splashing up all over you and making your ride a misery; I like to ride Motocross in the summer and trials in the winter; it’s an excellent way to keep your hand in year-round and to give some variety you can’t wait to rip the Motocross in the spring but look forward to still riding in the winter.

gas gas trials bike
4. Bike Time

A typical trial lasting around 3 hours is excellent bike fitness and bike time. I usually finish a trial or a long ride feeling completely exhausted, and whilst I don’t get arm pump any near to the same extent as on a Motocross bike, you can feel those muscles getting worked with your fingers’ use hand on the controls.

5. The cost

Once you’ve got the bike, which you can pick up a half decent bike for as little as £1500, the cost to ride and maintain a trials bike is incredibly cheap. Five hundred hours on a two stroke piston, 3 litres of fuel lasting 3 hours, and very little tend to go wrong with them as they are straightforward low revving two stroke engines. Oh and most practice grounds are £10 a time, there’s one near us which is £20 for the whole year!

Entering a trial is £20 and a license to enter trials for the year with the ACU is approximately £14.

I can’t imagine another motorsport which costs so little.


I recommend that anyone who hasn’t ridden trials should give it a go, and anyone who wants to become a better motocross rider should have one in the shed, as it will definately make you a better rider. A lot of the Pro’s ride trials bikes as a training tool. The Watson brothers, for example, 2 of the best riders in the world in 2 different disciplines and ride their trials bikes all the time.