What should you eat Before, During and After Race Day?

What we put in our bodies is hugely important towards our output when it comes to performance on the bike.

This doesn’t mean a banana and a couple litres of water will make up for a week full of bad nutrition and beer… as we will cover fully at a later date eating right won’t just sort out your energy levels but aid in weight loss. You may spend hundreds to make your ride lighter but don’t think about the extra lbs you’re carting around on the bike, doesn’t really make sense does it?

What should you eat Before, During and After Race Day? - iMotocross

What Should You Change First?

Unsurprisingly ditching the takeaways and fizzy pop won’t do your cause any harm. More specifically prioritising protein in main meals and carbohydrate placement around exercise and riding will go a long way to recovering those tired muscles and fuelling your body for when you need it most.


Lean meats and oily fish such as poultry (turkey and chicken) fish (tuna, cod and salmon) are some of the best, low calorie and high protein options when it comes to keeping you full and repairing your body throughout the week.


There’s a vast choice when it comes to carbs. Starchy carbs (bread, pasta and rice) should be consumed post workout and riding as these release energy slower. Sugary carbs (small cakes, sweets and sugary drinks) only really before riding as these are quickly converted into energy, ideal before gate drop.

Also something to think about is carb loading the night before riding, consuming starchy carbs before bed to load up on energy if you’re someone who struggles to eat in the morning especially the day of riding.

Isotonic drinks and dissolvable tablets to replenish the salt we lose in our sweat is key to keeping properly hydrated and energetic coupled with sufficient water. Remember if your urine is yellow you’re already dehydrated so don’t let it get to that !

Despite the temptation to sink a few too many cold ones after a successful day at the track, remember the night of the ride is the most important night when it comes to recovery and rest during sleep. Priorities H20 consumption as your body is likely still fighting dehydration especially on hot, sticky days on the bike.

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